How long could your business survive if your telephone system and broadband went down?

Unforeseen events such as power cuts, equipment failure, supplier faults and damaged phone lines can and do unfortunately occur for everyone. For some businesses, even a day without their comms solutions can have a disastrous effect on their productivity and profitability. Therefore, having a disaster recovery plan that covers both your business phone system and broadband really is vital to ensure your business doesn’t suffer, both in terms of revenue and reputation.

You and your team will no doubt rely heavily on your internet connection and office phone system to do your job. Should issues occur which result in these resources not being able to perform, your business may experience a significant financial loss, whilst your work force will have no choice but to sit and wait for the services to resume. A proactive disaster recovery plan will be ready to react within minutes to reduce any business downtime and get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

At DSM, we work to maximise business continuity by ensuring minimum downtime. Our proactive approach can prevent problems and ensure your communications run smoothly.

All of our disaster recovery plans are extremely cost effective and vary in regard to how much resilience you need in place for your business. We will also work with you to understand the individual needs of your business and agree in advance on the steps that will be taken to aid you, should a disaster occur.

We offer a range of Disaster Recovery plans to cater to a multitude of business needs:

  • Second Broadband Line – an ideal option for businesses that rely heavily on their broadband service, as well as businesses with SIP lines.
  • Dongle – a simple PAYG broadband service that can be loaded with data, as and when needed.
  • Twin Back Up/Failover Lines – An identical set of lines that will continue to function, should the primary lines shut down.
  • SIP Lines – Should your primary SIP Lines stop working, the backup SIP Lines will automatically failover and re-route calls in minutes.
  • Diverts – Have your calls diverted elsewhere in seconds using our inbound platform.
  • UPS – A redundant power supply that’s readily available to keep your solutions working, should a loss of power occur.
If you’d like to know more about Telephony Recovery then please either contact us by phone, using 03333 22 11 00 or fill out our enquiry form

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