Built for businesses that want more from their traditional telephone system, SIP lines allow you to channel calls over the internet to reduce costs and increase productivity.

SIP provides the opportunity to offer a fully-integrated communications solution that unifies all your systems and links multiple sites.

In today’s market you need the right phone system for your business. SIP is one of our cloud telephone systems, which eradicates high maintenance costs and the need for hardware and equipment to be on site.

SIP offers outstanding flexibility, call quality and resilience and can be installed and working for substantially less than a traditional phone system.

Other benefits include;

Keep your existing phone number when you move
Add new phone numbers from any UK dialling code – regardless of your physical location
Implement a Disaster Recovery policy

SIP Phones are the same as VoIP phones or Soft phones. These are telephones that use VoIP technologies for making calls over an IP Network or the traditional PSTN networks.

There are two types of SIP Phones.

The first type is the hardware SIP phone. It resembles the common telephone on the outside, but uses purpose built hardware inside so it can receive and make calls using the internet instead of the traditional PSTN system.

The second type is software based. These allow any computer to be used as a telephone by means of a head set with a microphone and / or sound card. A broadband connection and connection to a VoIP provider or a SIP Server are also required. Software SIP phone can also run on mobile devices such as Android and iphone.

Rather than a one size fits all approach of the traditional telephone network, SIP signalling allows any type of real time connection, with any required bit rate, to be established through a flexible IP network.

Using SIP Trunks is a huge step forwards towards simplifying your organisations telecommunications and towards preparing for the latest real-time communication enhancements. The biggest motivation for any business is immediate and substantial cost savings.

SIP Trunks are used to create and control the communications sessions that are the basis of VoIP telephony. SIP is also used for instant messaging, presence updates, multimedia, conferencing and other real time services that can transverse a SIP trunk.

Other SIP Trunk benefits

SIP Trunks connect directly to your ITSP without crossing the telephone network so you can get rid of IP-PSTN gateways and their attendant cost and complexity
Eliminate a redundant network – Have a single IP based network, rather than redundant telephone and data networks
Eliminate BRI and PRI subscription fees – as you will be connected directly to an internet telephony service provider, you can be rid of costly BRIs and PRIs, replacing them with a service that costs significantly less
Cost reduction in the order of 30-50%
Increased flexibility, as numbers are no longer tied to locations
Cost effective disaster recovery capability
Support for wideband audio and video
In sync for developing requirements for unified communications and collaboration